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Income Distribution Focus Area workshop 4 November 2014


On 4 November 2014, the Income Distribution Focus Area hosted a workshop for its members, in Gauteng. The purpose of the workshop was to take stock of the work of this focus area, and the timing of the workshop was carefully aligned to a second workshop, organised by the National Treasury and World Bank, on 5 November. This 5 November workshop served to launch a major new South African tax and expenditure incidence study. Ingrid Woolard is the lead South African on this report that directly addresses issues that are flagged as key knowledge gaps in the work programme of our focus area. From the outset, both the National Treasury and the World Bank were enthusiastic about REDI3x3’s participation in the day. It thus made sense to align our workshop with this one, and doing this enabled us to secure the participation of eminent scholar Nora Lustig, who presented on the aggregate decline in inequality in Latin America by drawing on many of the same sort of analyses that we undertake here in South Africa.  Members of the focus area engaged with Nora about this, and over our failure to bring down inequality in South Africa. Presentations were also made on the ongoing REDI3x3 data projects that are very important to the work in the focus area; namely, tax data, labour market data (PALMS and firm data), and the IES harmonisation project. Please see below the presentations that were made on the day.
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Data Projects, Wage Inequality and Top Incomes_Wittenberg, M

Income distribution, labour market returns and school_Burger, R

Inequality dynamics in South Africa_Ranchhod & Leibbrandt

Keynote_Declining Inequality Latam_Lustig, N

Measuring Inequality by Asset Indices_Wittenberg, M

NTA_McCarthy, D

Oosthuizen, M

PIES Tseng, D